Final day at Cumberland Lodge

As the sessions are coming to an end I am ignoring the plenary in order to map my next actions;
—— Muddiest link workshop to allow students to decide feedback from lecture structure
—— iBook development and PDF for use in eBusiness
—— ePortfolio development for assessment
Use linoit, WordPress, storify….

Embrace the new tech that interests me, but find sound pedagogy for their use….


Cumberland Lodge : Day 2 SEDA Summer School

I spent a very relaxing evening listening to Lawrie Phipps echo many of my own thoughts on digital. My conclusion? Digital tech is just a means to evaluate teaching and learning practice that CAN provide innovation/interest/engagement but mostly, for me its a tool to lighten the load for my students – by creating a varied module I seek to entertain and engage…. but it dawns on me as I read this that it is because I enjoy ‘new’ and ‘challenge’ that I believe this is what I am doing. I need to be mindful of those who worry or feel uncomfortable with those concepts and ensure at all times that my content is accessible to all…..

Day One at Cumberland Lodge

I’m currently sitting at a lovely escritoire typing up my blog on my laptop using 21st century WiFi, but in all other respects this place is an oasis of civility and calm. This afternoon’s session on Action Leaning Sets (ALS) was a revelation. Who knew sharing could be so constructive? The process becomes transparent almost immediately. I shall be sharing that with my colleagues when I return to Harper Adams!

In addition my ‘pet project’ (henceforth known as PP) regarding the muddiest part of the lecture and how to gather and utilise feedback immediately following a lecture has moved on. One of my ALS group quite rightly pointed out that I didn’t need to decide on the best way to harvest and distribute the lecture feedback, instead I could trial with them next term and ask them to decide…. An excellent idea and one that makes me feel as if this project could contribute a great deal to feedback within my modules.

Dinner is at 19.15, followed by a talk from Lawrie Phipps from JISC. Excellent stuff.

Hello world!

This is the start of my journey …. well the start of my blog about my eLearning journey anyway.  As a distance learner, a technology teacher and now an academic lecturing in Marketing, Strategy and IT I have been involved in elearning in many guises for as long as I have been learning.

THIS point, however, marks the start of my course at SEDA, marks the end of my first year as a full time academic at the wonderful Harper Adams University College and the beginning of my journey supporting HAUC as they improve their institutional eLearning capability …  I am officially a role model…  ooooer matron, get me!