Creating Infographic Maps for Visualising the Use of Digital Tools for Learning

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It is now recognised that the original dichotomy of Digital Natives (referring mainly the younger generation) versus Digital Immigrants (referring to older users), as postulated by M. Prenski back in 2001 (1) as a way to classify digital capabilities including the use of Social Media is now seen as too stereotypical as it fails to account for unique personal and professional preferences and experiences of the normal user.
In order to reflect the more transient nature of technology competencies Donna Lanclos and David White (2) propose a model described as (Digital) Visitors versus (Digital) Residents thus adding more subtlety to the level of human engagement with different types of technologies.
Based on this concept many graphical representation of such V&R maps (3) have been created with the aim of aligning particular (learning) technologies within a particular institutional context; for examples see
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