My name is Ethan…..

this weekend I got really excited…. I mean seriously geeky excited.  I had an email from Ethan saying I was approved to have my own Ethan account.   It’s just a little app … You ask a question of a self-appointed expert and they answer you…. All within the Ethan framework… So there are ‘experts’ who will help you choose your outfit (just send them two photos…) and ‘experts’ who will interpret your dreams, or help you with your start-up…

I thought it might be really cool to have an Ethan where all of my students can ask me a question… I know some have my mobile number, they can all access me on email and I’m in the Twittersphere… But it just felt right to have something on their phones that was specifically about their studies – and especially the problems they encounter near to submission deadlines….

So here it is … Download the Ethan app from your brand-specific App Store and then ask me a question… Or follow this link and see where it takes you…

… Here’s hoping it helps #FingersCrossed


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