Using the Complete Guide to WordPress – best tenner I’ve spent in a while

The WordPress guide of choice for this module……

I stumbled across this magazine on a late-night trip to Tesco… and I have to say its proving invaluable… its that really great cross between an ‘idiots’s guide to’ and a full-blown techie text.  It takes you step-by-step through setup, but then highlights some of the more advanced formatting tools that you have at your disposal.

A bit of a no-brainer really… a £10 guide to get the most of a free piece of software #What’sNotToLike


And so it begins… eBusiness on WordPress

This year the eBusiness students at Harper Adams will have to blog about the topics we cover in class, so expect lots of blogs around the topics of MOOCs, the use of ePortfolios for assessment, gaining a Microsoft Office Qualification and other exciting tech-topics.

As usual some of the tech-natives in class are comfortable with the concepts and the process already, whilst some are reticent and treading slowly.  MOOCs are today’s focus – some of the students have chosen to study topics which will complement the learning from the module, whilst others have opted for content that will interest them  We have decided to limit MOOC length to between four and six weeks because we are essentially reflecting upon whether MOOCs are valuable and useful for HE students rather than analyzing content.

I love to sit in the corner of the room on the instructor PC listening as they guide each other through the technical hurdles and then settle down to listen and learn “Urban mining for a circular economy is my favourite so far… #random

Updated 3rd Feb 2015