Submission Sunday

The Sunday before a submission (and it doesn’t actually matter which day of the week the submission is happening on) always feels like the last chance saloon.  From this point onwards, if I’m not on top of my assignment I am up against it.  Sunday is always the day set aside to get it sorted.  Now for me that is sometimes as simple as prepping a set of slides for the following week, but this Sunday its all about the 4000 word assignment due at Aston on Friday… My divorce is granted on Monday, I move me and my kids out of the family home on Wednesday and this is due Friday……

I’ve just spent an  hour re-reading some of John Cowan’s work, to energise myself and create some focus, and next I created my image for the assignment … NB I always create/find the images to represent my work before I get down to writing… it is the strangest thing, I am compelled to illustrate the story before I write it…

Some student feedback this week has given me an insight into this.  They said (I paraphrase) that whilst they understood my lectures, at the time of delivery when they came to revise the fact that the slides are mostly images and not text makes revision difficult.  I suspect this is because the images don’t say the same thing to them as they do to me… I choose them and embedded the link is to my learning.. they didn’t choose the images so they don’t have the link.

This is quite a ‘big’ chunk of a problem for me to tackle… I am going to mull it over as I write up my assignment.


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